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Ants belong to an order of insects known as Hymenoptera which includes some of the most highly evolved caste insect species.

Most ants are social insects that can form huge colonies which sometimes can be in close proximity to homes and other buildings.

All species of ants carry a number of general characteristics.  They have long, elbowed (bent) antenna, narrow waist (skirted abdomen), three defined parts to the body consisting of head, thorax (part the legs are attached to), and abdomen.

There are a number of species of ants which are found in the UK.  The most common are Garden ants (Lasius niger).

The control of ants is important for a number of reasons:

    * Spoilage of food
    * Contamination of products
    * Possible cross-contamination/risk of disease
    * Building damage – ants can appear to be of little risk to buildings, however, if
       left untreated their numbers can and will increase annually.  As the colony
       increases in number, its need to expand will start impacting on the fabric of
       buildings.  Over time, ants will damage wood, mortar and cement, and they
       will also start undermining driveways, slabs etc.

Treatment and control measures depend on the type of ant.  Please contact us for more information.
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