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There are a number of different species of cockroach in the UK.  The ones listed here are the most common to be found.  Others can be imported in food products and other items.  If you believe you have a cockroach which may not be listed, please contact us.


Common or Oriental Cockroach Blatta orientalis

This is the most common of all the cockroach species in the UK.  They are classed as a high risk health pest as they carry several diseases which can be transferred to people.  Their faecal waste (droppings) can also cause allergies.  Cockroaches also carry food poisoning bacteria and can cause wide scale food contamination.

Length:  25-30mm

Colour: Dark brown to black

Wings: Undeveloped on female, 3/4 length on male

Habitat: Buildings, outdoors, rubbish tips etc.

Movement: Runs


German Cockroach Blattella germanica

Length:  12-15mm

Colour: Brown with two dark stripes on the body

Wings:  As long as the body

Habitat:  Heated buildings (prefers high humidity)

Movement: Runs and climbs


Brown Banded Cockroach  Supella longipalpa

Length:  10-15mm

Colour: Yellow and brown

Wings:  Both sexes have wings, males are longer

Habitat:  Heated buildings – very widely distributed

Movement: Runs and may fly high at high temperatures


American Cockroach Periplaneta Americana

Length:  28-44mm

Colour:  Shining reddy-brown

Wings:  Longer than the body (both sexes)

Habitat:  Inside buildings, heating ducts and ventilation shafts

Movement: Runs and may fly at very high temperatures


Control Measures for these Pests

There are several control measures that can be implemented for the control of cockroaches.  These can range from spray treatments, dust treatments, baiting treatments and other methods including traps etc.  Our fully qualified technicians will assess and recommend the optimum treatment plan for your home or business.  Please contact us for more information.
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