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PPM Welcome

We understand your business is individual and unique, and your pest management needs should never be an off-the-peg approach.  Our packages are tailored to your
needs to ensure your business has the most suitable pest management arrangements and this, together with our expertise in pest management, can provide that extra piece of mind.

Our packages can include:

    * 4, 6, 8, 12 or more routine visits per year
    * Visits outside working hours
    * Full tailored inspection plans
    * Full call out facilities

Why does my business need pest control?

Pest control is not just for when you have a pest problem.  A pest management programme can promote good health and hygiene and reduce the risks of having pest infestations which can impact on your business:

    * It reduces the risk of diseases
    * It greatly reduces the risk of contamination of stock
       and food products
    * It helps commercial customers adhere to legislation and
    * It helps prevent building damage – rats love wires
    * It protects your reputation as a conscientious company
    * It can save your business money in the long run by
       reducing wastage

If you would like to discuss information regarding pest control for your business, please contact us for more information.
Areas we cover
 Pests we cover:            

    Bed bugs

    Rats & Mice
    Silverfish & Beetles
Stored Product Insects
    Textile Pests
    Wasps & Hornets
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We are members of :

  NPTA                    BASC                           CRRU
National Pest Technicians Association        British Association for Shooting & Conservation                Think Wildlife (CRRU)